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  • Bernard Fonlon
    Dr Bernard Fonlon was an extraordinary figure who left a large footprint in Cameroonian intellectual, social and political life.
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May 26, 2009


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Ras Tuge

Innocent Chia,

you probably have never bothered to read my comments with respect to this futile Southern Cameroon's so-called struggle for self-determination. Nevertheless, since you say you are confounded, i simply want to remind you that there is no solid foundation for any Southern Cameroons nation. As a matter of fact, Anglophones themselves don't seem to have that sense of belonging to a seperate nation. Thus, an overwhelming majority see no need to die for the egregious blunder of their parents.

Yea, normally children resolve to die in the defense of what they inherited, especially when this puts them on an even keel with bright aspirations for the future. But when all the Anglophone children acquire from their parents is acquiescence to betrayal and utter subjugation to enslavement, then what exactly is there to pride in, or even shed blood for?

The bright surface of the dreams of Anglophone children was spattered with curse ever since the day Bumboklaat Foncha chosed to sell the destiny of Southern Cameroons, by offering it's people for the Great Slaughter. There's a sorrowful absurdity when a free man decides to gleefully walk into a prison to be chained! The quisling and hordes of his ilk have since vanished in shame, but their acrimonious legacy shall live to haunt the Southern Cameroons for eternity.

Some chant that the quislings should be left alone. But see, this is the crux of the woe about the Southern Cameroons! No one can touch the immensity of the disaster that those conceited criminals plunged Anglophones into, just to achieve aggrandizement for themselves and their progeny, at the very expense of a free Southern Cameroons nation.

As a consequence of Anglophone leadership idiocy, and especially Foncha's lack of vision, a process has developed which promises within this generation to thwart any hopes for the restoration of Southern Cameroons. And like i said, when a frivolous sheperd fumbles, his flock of sheep shall wander in disarray.

Anglophones don't have leaders, as a matter of fact Anglophones don't trust themselves! Therefore, there can never be any common national goals to strive for. Well, yea if the value of something is the price paid for it, then Southern Cameroons undoubtedly deserve what they get today. 'The wage of stupidity is marginalization', that's what Jah said!

Master Chia, Southern Cameroons has never been annexed by La Republic. By contrast, La Republic was able to connive with Foncha and his illiterates to SELL Southern Cameroons. So when you callously incite people to take the cutlass, remember that you are urging them to fight against what occurred with Foncha's permission and blessing. It is indeed a troubling issue, and the fact that Anglophones are seemingly opting out of an armed confrontation is testament to the fact that people are reluctant to die for a cause that has been pursued in such a notoriously erratic manner.

All in all, when push comes to shove, Anglophones shall shed plenty litres of precious blood, and the quislings shall be sad to see many innocent children join them under the ground. The vultures are out and dancing, waiting for the Great Slaughter!

Sunday J.

Lets keep in mind that Americans fought to keep their country united. They fought to get rid of the evil spectre of slavery. They did not fight to create separate republics. The creation of a Southern Cameroon nation is based on a defeatist mentality that has eaten into the pysche of self-serving fortune seekers hoping to create a name for themselves. Why preach martydom when it is aimed at giving salvation to a few? Isn't it worth shedding blood to rescue 19 million suffering souls under french hegemony, than just leading 3 million in search of an identity? South African fought to get rid of aparthied. Soon after freedom was within reach, there were fortune seekers just like the Southern Cameroon day dreamers who wanted separate republics within South Africa. Their dreams were laid to rest permanently. A united Cameroon under good leadership stands to be of a greater good to many, and Africa at large, instead of a Banana republic nestled between a salivating Nigeria, an unrepentive French enclave, and a very annoying Panya pineapple backyard lying of our coast. If you want to shed blood, do it for the good of many, but not to rexurect failed ambitions of people whom have been part of the system, but never really got to where they dreamed of being.

Nico Tosah

Bobe Innocent;
That was a master piece, Bobe, and will serve as a reference document for present and future generations if archived appropriately and in the appropriate quarters. The spirit of patriotism demonstrated in all major Revolutions in human History and in all ages has always been inspired and maintained by inspirational writers and their pieces in the likes of the one you have posted.
The human mind has latent capabilities that will not surface until they are tickled and tickled the desired way. The spirit of patriotism lies dormant in these capabilities and will manifest itself only when provoked. It is provoked when we hear those words that touch both our minds and hearts. And that is how motivational writers have always mattered in Revolutions.
“No Taxation Without Representation” is just a four-word slogan. Yet, in the American Revolution you alluded to it did what entire books written for the same purpose could not do. It turned out to be the principal cause of the Revolution; it engendered the spirit of patriotism more than any other phrase coined with that intention in mind. It was even picked up used by soldiers in the front lines as their battle cry. (Google: Battle Cries). If the slogan: “Force of Argument and not the Argument of Force” has not impacted the hearts and minds of people the same way this slogan did, maybe it should be reversed to read: “Argument of Force and not the Force of Argument.” If not, some other.
The title “Father of American Independence” has never ever been attributed to General George Washington. Some Historians attribute it to Samuel Adams and some to Thomas Paine. Yet none of these two ever set foot in the front lines; they were not even soldiers. They were just inspirational writers of pieces that revealed similar bitter truths in a similar down-to-earth manner.
Writers (Philosophers) equally played a very significant role in arousing the spirit of patriotism in the cause and course of the French Revolution. Some of their phrases like “Man is born free but everywhere he is in chains” (Jean Jaques Rousseau) sound very much like weightless nursery rhymes. Put yourself for a few seconds in the context referred to by the author, you feel how motivational that was.
In History books most attention is paid to the writers who conceived the ideas that nurtured the spirit of patriotism before and during Revolutions than to the soldiers who actually fell in the line of duty. This will be the case when African countries will transit from nominal to bona fide independence. Come, that day!

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