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  • Bernard Fonlon
    Dr Bernard Fonlon was an extraordinary figure who left a large footprint in Cameroonian intellectual, social and political life.
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November 17, 2009


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Eric Lamlenn

On another note,Cameroonians are amazing!! After a day that these guys gave their hearts to play a difficult match,a long flight from Morocco,ensuing jet lag as well as late arrival(2:00am),these politicians still found a way to make sterile speeches at the airport.
What was so pressing that they couldn't wait till the next day??
And don't get me started on the CPDM.They want to take credit for anything that works in Cameroon.


It is but no doubt that the CPDM and its chef will eat off the very fingers that feed them! Only then would the populace be able to stand up and enjoy the fruits of their beloved country. They(the Cs and their cohorts) are walking on a ticking time bomb!
May God bless our handclapper-politicians and give them more fore-sight.


Where is Danny boy? It seems as if you have not read this article yet. FOOLISH MAN


"And don't get me started on the CPDM.They want to take credit for anything that works in Cameroon."

And blame poverty (and economic crises) for what doesn't work.

Eric Lamlenn

Spot on Nji. The need to be slimed with honey and tethered to the nearest termite mound!

Pa  Musa

Glad to have you back Mr.Chia. I was wondering
why the silence. Let the ink flow Brother.


Why do we have the pic of samuel eto'o in the barcelona shirt.what happen to the pics wth him wearing the cameroonian jersey.are we talking of cameroon national team or the catalonian club barcelona.well come to tlk abt the issue of crtv.whether it's a political trick by biya and co or wht.crtv is a's even funny tht wth all the money they collect from the cameroonian citizens we hv jst one tv station.there is suppose to be crtv sports,crtv documentation,crtv music, crtv news etc.they can afford tht so they shd stop telling us crap stories


Come on people,
inso far as we continue of unleash questions as to what the CRTV does with tax payers' money year in year out,
You did not only avoid to dwell on the topic in issue, but the facts were so horribly presented.
Show us how and why, from your "insider" information we did not watch the match and avoid rambling with uncalled - for insults on Milla and the so called " jealousy" you have no mastery of. Atleast, he is talented in his field.
This is one of the most childish fallacies i will ever read from a journalist.
Come on Chia, how does it look like to stand boldly today and spit out venom on the very CPDM you and i know, moulded you and made you what you are today,so you think we do not know how you got into the CRTV?


read continue unleashing questions not of unleash questions...
how is it like to shun dictatorship when you know very well your family got all its success, renown and wealth through the same system.
Only a fool will ever take you seriouly


Innocent Chia, erstwhile Journalist at CRTV. This is a classic example par excellence of a mediocre piece of journalism. How can I describe your piece? A news report, a news analysis or a tattered piece of yellow journalism?

This was first class rambling and the analysis is a potpourri of loosely-knitted facts to form an eye-sore for good reading.

Get the facts straight: the 268million CFAF was paid by bank transfer to Sport Five which I presume you know is a sports marketing agency charged with the management of broadcast rights for most organs and in this case for the Moroccan Football Federation.

As soon as the lumpsum was received, the satellite parameters were communicated to the national broadcasting house, the CRTV. But as it were, these parameters didn't work and the intervention of CRTV boss was needed to obtain the right satellite coordinates to be able to get the images to the TV sets of the local Cameroonian taxpayer whose monthly efforts permitted the State to doll out this money.

When the right parameters were finally obtained, the signals and images were interferred upon by the bandwith of a local mobile telephone operator creating the a blackout.

I don't want to question your integrity or your sources but in my my Journalism and Media Ethics seminars, we were reminded that "attributing information to their sources does not necessarily absolve the reporter from the responsibility of libellous statements".

Again, there is what we the journalistic ABC of Accuracy, Balance and Clarity which I don't see in your report. It is a reflection of junk journalism and score-settling. At least, the official position of the state and CRTV would have featured in your report fot readers to deduce implications for policy and opinion making.

It is barren of facts, full of loopholes and assumptions. It is uncalled for to inject your personal biases and idiosyncrcies when presenting the facts to the public.

You were probably fed up with the pro-establishment journalism at CRTV which entailed praise singing and ego-massaging of political leaders and the system, that's why you left but make us feel proud of journalism by stating the facts as they were.

Courage brother, do not stumble.

Danny Boy

Mr. Enow,
one is not compelled to reply to every story one reads here! Bereft of facts, I do not write, as is the case now. I do not have insider information from that establishment and by the way, what is Mr. Chia saying that is new to your ears? The dipiladating infrastructure? the misuse of funds from our glory years?
Though Mola above disputes the veracity of some of Mr. Chia's assertions, there is still enough in this story to demand for answers.
Whatever the arguments, the technical people at CRTV should have diagnosed this problem hours before kick off!! That they only knew this at kick off is a fat lie!!
Given the importance of this match, all systems would have been fine tuned hours prior and primed to go at the appointed hour!! This is simple logic.
Mola, I suspect, has an axe to grind with Chia.

As for you Mr. Enow, I do not know whether you enjoy reading my comments or you have pidgeon-holed me as a supporter of the regime, hence the reference "foolish man!"
Please as I said earlier, it is not every story one replies to.
Have a wonderful day.

Che Sunday

Please stop being an apologist for a flawed system. Granted that the parameters were flawed, why did it take until the last minute to have them tested? If arrangements were made ahead of time, both the Morrocan and Cameroon authorities should have had these specifications checked before payment was finalized. We saw Cameroonian players during the African Nations Cup delayed at the airport in South Africa because their visas were late. The Phillipines and Indonesia denied access to their airspace to our team because flight plans were not filed on time. We arrived in Japan Korea a day late.Public management in Cameroon is nothing but a litany of moronic stupidity. Who does the average citizen go to for a refund when services are denied? They will still pay taxes come the next day. Please, stop this blind support for a failed system. There is a fine line between patrioticsm and blind nationalism. The latter is a sure path towards doom.


Che and co,
iam as also worried about the system and its faillures as any other right thinking cameroonian.
The public service managment failures and corruption the looting, what have you.
It is also true there is much laxity, the CRTV guys should have checked all parametres before the match, true.
However, i will never support bufoonery.
Chia, completely failed to substantiate the issues he raised, he completely escaped from the subject matter to dwell on quatier gossiping. Thats rubbish isnt its
Moreso, only a fool, as Iyeuh says would ever take his critisms of the CPDM seriousy; surely you do not know the family this guy comes from.
His family's very existence and survival is pegged to the CPDM till date, and chia became what he is today thanks to the CPDM.
Wonders they say shall never end.


Fellow Cameroonians,

What is wrong with Mr. Innocent Chia criticizing the Biya government even if it made him into what he is today? Many in the opposition were once members of the CPDM. Could it be that he has seen the light finally?

The way Roger Milla is described by Mr. Chia is very troubling. People around the world still consider him a real legend and someone who arguably put Cameroon on the world map. But again, a prophet may not be respected in his own home.

As concerns politics in Cameroon, what Mr. Chia articulated is not new. We are all aware of what is wrong with our dear country. What is needed now is solutions and action. The list is alway long on diagnosis but very thin on prescriptions.

We should start asking ourselves what have we done to make our country a betterplace lately, not what our country has done for us if any at all.

Quit complaining, start looking for solutions and acting on them.

God bless our fatherland!
We shall overcome!




You people talk as if it is wrong to critise Milla. Is it the same Milla who supported Sepp Blatter in FIFA election against his own brother? He is a good footballer but he never put Cameroon on the map, the whole team of 1990 did.

Chia that was a very good piece, don't let blind men lead you astray. You are a journalist because you worked hard, earned your degree and and write artilces like this one. CRTV or no CRTV if you have a good pen and a critical mind you will make it no matter where. We the youths have given that country far more than they have given us.


@Mola & Che Sunday,
Which Parameters are you people talking about? Before Mola floats the ABC of Journalism around he should first ensure that his own reference to Parameters is A-for Accurate!!!
What Satellite transmission parameters are we talking about here? A simple Symbol Rate,Polarity and Frequency data set? are these figures that change everyday? NO!
Let us school ourselves I challenge anyone to convince me that a satellite signal was impeded by a mobile phone mast.
First these two technologies work on different frequency ranges 800 to 900 MHZ for mobile phones and 3000+ to 12000+ for satellite transmission
Second the lower power transmission modes of cell site technologies ensure that the signal does not depart too far from the target cell meaning a reduction in the likelihood of interference.
So Mola please do your homework well when you seek to do a PR job for those nation wreckers. There are educated and informed people on these blogs.

True Religion Jeans Outlet

Pierre Lebon Elanga and the emaciated CRTV viewers were not trusted with the ability to handle the truth. What truth? According to our inside sources, influential Biya zealots feared that a loss and disqualifier on national television would not only cause disenchantment of fans but ignite a popular uprising against their dictator in the 2011 presidential election.

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