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  • Bernard Fonlon
    Dr Bernard Fonlon was an extraordinary figure who left a large footprint in Cameroonian intellectual, social and political life.
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March 08, 2010


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Good analysis. Le Guen displayed tact, balls and tactical vision on the way forward in a difficult situation.
Knowing how Cameroon operates, I hope Le Guen has Plan B if R Song lobbies Popol thru Milla and he is included in the team by a Presidential decree. Then he will have to either bench him throughout the tournament and ignore him! Time for the team to move forward to a new generation of players! Give the young guys a chance!


this is a very good piece...i must say the affairs of la republic are just so complicated and the national team is right into this deep mess the whole country is winding towards.
well,Le Guen may not have had a very good and prosperous coaching experience before he picked up this job with the lions,i think we can only get coaches who really got balls to face the 18 million side coaches we have in Cameroon and the so called officials who claim to run the ever conflicting FECAFOOT and the MINISTRY OF SPORTS.

People should understand soccer of today is very much commercialized and so some soccer leagues are rated higher and more stronger than others. I will agree with you as far as Song,Njitap are concerned, they have been courageously replaced by very good,young,vibrant boys who play very regularly in tough leagues, especially when compared with where those old players play - no bad publicity intended.
People shouldn't forget,we have been paired to face Holland,Denmark and of course Japan in SA and over 90% of these players future in very prosperous and physical leagues.
However,i personally think,the issues of that country of ours are just like somebody who is sick but does not know what and where hurts ...we just hope for the lucky gods of soccer to be with the players who will and always want to play to portray patriotism...good piece again

Timngum Genesis

Yes Bobe,
Once more your analyses on Paul Le Guen and his tactics to build a strong squad are great. However, i have my worry on who to replace Njitap. We need a Njitap, and i am also sure PAUL LE GUEN is aware. So far R. Song has been replaced and the defence of Nkolu , Bassong, Ektto do not need Song. A see a Njitap lacking in that Team. We need a free kick specialised.Hope Le Guen provides us with one soon.I am sure we a saying the same thing, that Njitap need to be replaced, but that in the field we are still to see who has taken over that role.Eto is not good at free kicks may be Emmana could feed into that shoe.
Again talking about Eto i am afraid his form may be brought to question, if morinhnu continue to field him toward the last minutes of Inter matches. Remember since Eto returnd from the nations cup he has not started a single leaque game, except the Champion leaque match with Chelsea.

Julio Bats

Excellent piece, Inno! Even someone who does not follow Kamer soccer regularly will get the gist clearly... I am one for despising every coach coming out of France into Africa, especially with that kind of outrageously high pay. But it seems like this guy Le Guen has a plan. So let's see if he can play his chess game right when the tribal lobbyists come knocking a few days before final World Cup selecion...


"Great article and analysis, not sure what to make of Le Guen pay check, question I have is the pay check distriubuted amongst his assistants or team he brought along? what sort of taxes does he pay to receive that money, and his agents and managers or is it one lump sum payment? It will be nice to explore those so we know exactly why he is being paid that much compared to other coaches. Regarding the beef with old players, I will agree with him 1000% to bring in fresh legs and a new lions team as our dependent on the old guard is no good for the future of Cameroon football, Miller's and Nkono's legacy to the national team has not done any good to the team rather than foster tribalism and not merit, great for an outsider to make such bold decisions for our national team."


what is your point? do you want Eto'o replaced?How do you want him to pick up his form if he sits on the bench.


Hi! Bobe Chia,keep up youngman. You have revealed so many secrets in one write-up. I remember you used to be a commentator back there. How about going back to your old job like Song and Njitap will want to be 40years like their protegee before they quit the lions. Keep writing as we keep praying for our poor and politically troubled country with a rich football coach yet struggling to have a good meal a day. FCFA 428m is no chicken cash. I hope the country will not return to operation 'cour de coeur'and the bad dreams that continue to follow it. We are with you!

Don Nkeng

Good Article Chia. However I can't help but get very worried for the future of Cameroon if, as you rightly said, the ruling party's future hung in the balance depending on the Lion's performance.... My fellow Cameroonians, why are we so superficial? How does the success or failure of the Lions impact on the livelihood of the nation?? Anyway, more of that topic another time..
As for Le Guen. First of all, his salary is absolutely astronomic in any terms. But I think there's no substitute for quality, so he's probably worth it given his initial performance in qualifying the Lions for the WC 2010. However since then, I feel he has yet to come up to his true potential. I hope it's because of the transition the team is going through, but I worry nonetheless. However I raise my hat to him for trying to integrate the new generation with the old.Rigobert, Njitap et al have been absolutely fantastic for the Lions over the years, and it's time they took a rest. They simply can't match the pace of the game currently and understandably. And as you said Chia, the position of a defender is crucial for the overall stability of the team. Now Le Guen needs to go out of his way, or rather do his duty seeing as we pay him $5000 per day, and work on the strikers department. He needs to forage the planet if that's what it takes and find us a pointman as number 9. A Patrick Mboma double if you like; a Hernan Crespo; a Fernando Torres..... We desperately need to sharpen that offense line to stand a chance during this world cup. But first, we must make do with what we have. Samuel Eto'o is a problem!!!!! He is NOT a 'dead ball' specialist.. Free-kicks, corners etc are not his domain. WHY then has he been taking those??? We have all seen the outcomes, so can I please ask what is going on? Either he has grown a 'big-head' as captain, or Le Guen has lost control of him. Mr Chia, could you ask Jean Lambert what he thinks about this?? For should that continue, we will end up leaving the World Cup in the first round with 3points, zero goals scored, zero conceeded. Football is about how you can keep your opponents out of your goal, but getting the ball into your opponents goal. Not what we saw last week against Italy. Not a single shot either on, or off goal....
Well, Le Guen has his work cut our for him. Will he succeed? Will he fail? The drama that is Cameroon continues...... Or what do you all think?

Nseibangha cyries

good stuff but there is something lacking. You cannot defend without making goals.I really think we need a substitute for these guys , eto,o, webo and emana.hey don`t forget, we need to flog Idrissou out of the team with a whip. we need a striker and fast before the w.c in if we cannot get a good striker internationally, man let turn and take a look of what we have home. you never may know.remember the squad of 1990.most were home base.don´t mimnmise what you have.


Eto needs to act/be the striker. Most defences are relaxed bec no one puts pressure on them. Can someone tell me why eto wants to be a play maker. It is clear why he is/ can't score goals. He falls too far behind, taking conner/free kicks. He is a deadly stricker and will pull 2-3 players on him most of the time. This can free up other players. He can't play and score now bec he is out of place. Go back to the basics and stop trying to do too much. I like him,and this is just my observation for now. We can have other strikers but they will not have the impact he can have.
As for the coach, favouritism/ tribalism; this is a chronic issue with african countries, will take long to resolve.
We have good players no doubt, but we have to change our formation/ style, and these guys should play with passion,pride for their nation.
Watching Cameroon play these days is mind bugging, thank God one cannot pull out the hair from their head when there is nothing left from all these years of watching the lions. A 90 min game and you can count the number of sluggish attempts at the goal ????. If things don't change fast, it will be a nightmare in SA.


I am sure no one is insinuating that Eto be replaced, but that his form on the eve of the wc is a call for concern. Someone seems to be manipulating the form of one of the greatest strickers on earth.Eto is being used in the wrong position. We have known Eto to Play the 9 position in the field. He has delivered in that position, and coach Morinhnu rather than let Eto operate as a 9, he prefers Miloto and Panddec.That formular is working against him, now at inter, and we hope he gives back to Eto his leading role, upfront.
Talking about Eto and the Cameroon squad, the goals can only starts comming if Emmana plays behind Eto, and Mamkoun,Eyong and Mbia attack from the Midfield. Remember, milla, Omam ,Mboma, all excelled with the midfield expertise of Aberga, Makanaky,Mbu, Marc Foe( may his soul rest in peace)olembe etc.
At moment, if Leguen maintains Nkoulu, Bassong, Ekotto,Madjeck (Matip) at Defence,including the defensive midfield of A Song, cameroon may concede minimal goals. The goal keeping tactics of Kameni are a factor we may have to reconsider. However, at Espanol-Spain his performance is outstanding. I have watched his games and any coach will give him the No 1 shirt for cameroon. Hope Le Guen takes the right decisions, given that his pay package allows for no mistakes. $5ooo a day.....? God forbid.

new balance

I couldn't agree with you more! And thanks for the blog award! I'm just thrilled to receive this award from you. I'll be sure to keep this blog an interesting place for my awesome readers, such as yourself, to keep coming back to!

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