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  • Bernard Fonlon
    Dr Bernard Fonlon was an extraordinary figure who left a large footprint in Cameroonian intellectual, social and political life.
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June 09, 2010


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I am an avid reader of your posts Mr. Chia, but this one was really quite boring, showing evidence that being far away from home is having a toll on you and you seem not to know what is really happening with the lions.

THierry SONA

you have got nothing to say , mr CHIA! i guess u are hungry and wants ETOO to feed u! ashia

Erdi Sam

Mr Chi,

your mail and thoughts are reflecting the country which we term ours! “No right to criticise?”. I deem Roger Milla’s words are merely a critic an intelligent person will work on. If you wish you might take it for a “fact” (meaning a truth), just voiced out. Is there any lie about it?
I also find this very rightly timed. Eto’o is at top form. So thanks that someone had the courage to tell. Let him bring something finally to “Cameroon” this time before he is told after the world cup or after retirement.
You seem to have a problem with the fact the critics is coming from Mila (who scored only 28 goals-however if Milla had a bunch of professionals in the team like Eto’o today, he could have scored more). Since when must someone be criticising only when he or she is better. How many goals did you yourself scored before permitting yourself to criticise Milla?
Yes, Eto’o is an excellent player and beyond doubt well needed by the Cameroon “team”. And I mean team. But to me he minds about his OWN PERSONAL GAIN than any other thing. Just this two examples, that he foolishly goes about singing in the public; (a) last Africa nations cup he wanted to broke “his goal record” and that is what mattered much to him. He hardly mentioned that he wanted the team to get the trophy. Meaning he could have arrived his dreams if just during the first match of the competition he scored fifty goals… (b) Just a few days ago “world cup has nothing to contribute to his career”. Many go to play for their country, but he reacts to criticism of neglecting this fact by just only thinkíng of his career which goes to affirm Milla’s criticism.
I don’t know and I don’t think you know IF MILLA HAD SPOOKEN TO ETO’O IN PRIVATE, before taking it public. Since private, means private.
The only statement I fully agree with you is “But Eto’o can take this matter into his hands and decide that this will be his last and most memorable World Cup”

The photos are hot!!!


In addition to the goal stats, Milla won 2 nations cup in his playing days, Eto has won 2, plus the Olympics. Consider other countries that are struggling before the world cup - France, Italy, Argentina etc and wonder why we haven't heard Zidane, Paolo Rossi or Kempes come out and criticise Henry or Messi? Might it be because they all, like Milla have back channels to their team?
Days before the tournament, I believe the Lions are better serve with team unity! The great Milla for right now should've have kept that his opinion to himself just like am I am sure Omam has kept his.

ntam charles

And what makes Mr Chia think that he has the right to air out his derogatory oppinion about Geremi and Song calling them fosils but that Milla does not have the right to express his own oppinion.Fanaticism,extremism.terrorism and all other isms have similar traits which can be identified in people at all levels.How hard it is to be tolorant towards basic human rights.The free people of the world shall never stop expressing themselves.


Julius Fondong

I don't think it's only the number of goals that a striker scores that matters. It's also about the "quality" and "timing" "decisiveness" of the goals. In his days Milla scored decisive and timely goals that made a diffference, not only to the match but to the entire tournament. Milla's 4 goals at the 1990 World Cup took Cameroon to the quarter finals and earned the African continent 2 more places at the final rounds of the world cup. I think Eto'o needed a wake up call, and no one is better qualified to call him to order than Milla.

kumba pikin (curled from a yahoo group posting)

What a shame that I had not had time to read through all the contributions on this Mila, Eto, Lions wrangling. That is why I must be forgiven for seeming to repeat what many others might have said before now. I should also hasten to say that my wish and prayer is for things to happen in a way that we all laugh it through the un-coming World Cup; in spite of my instincts – and some primitive reason – that we should not expect any good from this expedition. Can there be surprises? Maybe! After all, these lions are highly skilled, individually. A team? I would call it something else! We are late! The season of improvisation and chance and voodoo is over! Maybe, something dramatic shall happen before tonight’s game against Serbia, to make me think differently.

I am surprised that any one could be surprised at Milla’s bold declarations; except perhaps, those who had not had a keen eye on what was happening in and around the Cameroon National Soccer Team over the year or two.

Before the last Nation’s Cup in Angola, Milla was one of the very few to raise an alarm about the precarious way things were going, be it on the technical or administrative level. What did those with the power-strings do? They promptly edged him aside, even out of the official delegation to the competition. He kept warning that things were not going on in the right direction; they kept pushing him farther and farther away, with his foreboding – albeit sensible – noises.

For a man whose patriotism has been proven beyond doubt, time was running out; and if had to be done via French television channels, so it had to be; and mark, it was well over two weeks to the World Cup! If two weeks to the competition is too close to sort out problems, surely it should more so be too close for any player (be it Samuel Eto’o) not to have joined his team!

In our usual Cameroonian culpable complacency, we would prefer to pretend that all was well; then go in for another dismal performance; and then return to complain about the things that we knew were not going well, and which we were too cowardly and too presumptuous to face head-on. We would then begin the game of ‘ifs’ and the rest.

And yet we all know that Eto’s commitment to the Cameroon National Team has been questioned by many, before Milla. His indiscipline in the team is legendary. On one occasion, during a recent Nations Cup, it is said the players were in the hotel bar, frolicking with every manner of person one can imagine, from players’ agents to whores. When the Minister for Sport, at the time, ordered that all players return to their private quarters, Song and the others all left; Samuel Eto’o stayed on unperturbed. Every body did nothing, nor said anything, including the Minister. And whenever the fellow comes late (as usual) to training sessions, his mantra is: “You want goals, I will give you goals”.

Here is a man who decides to take one full week, ostensibly, to rest, after the UEFA Champions League final. His team mate, Milito (the man with the winning brace) was already with his national team 48 hours after. By mid week, the Brazilians, Lucio, Maicon, Caesar, were already in training with the Selecao. Our very own captain was on some recreational trip in Europe. Injured players like Beckham, Ballack, Essien, who evidently need to rest, have not moved an inch from their national sides, even with the knowledge that they won’t play.

Would Eto’o take even a few hours to rest, after any national team assignment, before re-joining Barcelona, Inter or Mallorca?

Come to think of the two Nations’ Cup victories in which Eto’o participated, in 2000 and 2002 and the Olympic gold of 2000 (and which he now brandishes as his singular and personal gifts to the Cameroon Nation). Can it be said that those victories were won thanks to any consistent and decisive contribution by the individual, Samuel Eto’o? Not to forget that that was the era of the Patrick Mboma, Etame Mayer, Njitap, Song, Foe, Alioum Boukar, Wome Nlend, Ndiefi Pius … all of them top class professionals … compared to the 1990 team that even had several D2 players from Cameroon and a few pros from low profile teams in France

If Eto’o now says he was the pillar behind those victories in 2000 and 2002, so be it; so, why does he have to insult his current team mates, of not being worthy of playing in the same side with him? What Eto’o simply needs to do, is to go out there and contribute in a an extraordinary manner to take Cameroon to, at least, the quarter finals of the World Cup, as Milla and co did in 1990.

Even in a multi-starred team as Barcelona, Lionel Messi stands out decisively; as Maradona did for Argentina in 1986; as Paolo Rossi did for Italy in 1982; as Ronaldo did for Brazil in 2002; as Romario did for Brazil in 1994; as Van Basten did for the Netherlands in 1988 Europe Nations Cup; as Milla did for Cameroon in CAN 84, 86, 88 and World Cup 90.

Messi, Drogba, Kaka, Ronaldo (Portugal) have publicly come under similar fire from earlier-generation national team players in their respective countries; none of them has retorted negatively; none of them has seen any insult in those criticisms or call to responsibility; none of them has doubted their nationality or their compatriots; none of them has held a threat over their fatherland and over the heads of those who have always supported them back home.

For memory, in 1985, when Zambia knocked Cameroon out of the World Cup qualifiers, Milla, Nkono, Bell and a host of others, were ordered out of the national team, by the then Minister for Sports; they were seen to have outlived their usefulness. For people who had given so much to the nation, it was a terrible insult. But only a few weeks after, they were back doing it in Egypt 86 and then in Morocco 88, and then in Italy 90. That was their quiet but efficient answer to the Minister and the rest of their critics. There was no blackmail, no denial of their nationhood.

Whenever he is criticised by Cameroonians, or challenged to greater national achievements, Eto’o resorts to insulting and denigrating his compatriots and his motherland.

It is this lack of leadership and responsibility that Milla is talking about.

And in all the chaos current in the national team, Mr. Paul Le Guen has a very big spoon in the broil. This man from somewhere in France took upon himself to change the captain of the team, even before making his first official formal contact with the team. If the idea was to awaken Eto’o to his responsibilities, as some argued at the time, look where we are today!

This man told Cameroonians that the Nations Cup was not important and that he was going to use it as a testing ground. And that was after he had had seven months with the team, including the second part of the qualifiers. After all the testing and un-testing, Mr. Le Guen could still permit himself the adventure of calling up ten first-time national team players to camp, just over three weeks to the World Cup, and after having had about a year to turn his team around in every manner he could possibly wish.

On the very day Cameroon were warming up against Slovakia, this man had permitted five or six of his so-called first team players to be away from camp, on some distraction in France or elsewhere. This reminds me that Didier Drogba was stripped of the Africa Player of the Year Award in 2008 because he did not travel to the award venue; that was because his team thought it was more important to concentrate on their semi-final game during that edition of the Nation’s Cup.

I wonder if any observers can comfortably say that the quality of play of the team has improved consistently, rather than worsened, since the arrival of Mr. Le Guen. Or, can any one pretend that there is more discipline in the team presently, than in 2008! Or that after one year of Le Guen’s theatrics, we are any better prepared for the World Cup than we could possibly have been without him.

Now, he has started shouted that government should urgently settle the issue of players’ bonuses, in order to bring back serenity in the camp. Now, that is the excuse! The man is sort of already inoculating himself, against any eventual debacle in South Africa; he is lining up a list of excuses to brandish, just in case….

Probably, for Mr. Le Guen, if Cameroon were to somehow manage one or two goal-less draws during the group stage, he would have performed another ‘miracle’ and we all would be singing his ‘messianic’ performances all over the place.

Oh, yes! The man is a messiah! He saved Cameroon from the deadly claws of same West African wingless hawks; from the bites of some toothless panthers in the Central African forest; and from the wrath of weary cub lions in a desert zoo.

As for those who still imagine that Cameroon can go all the way, in this World Cup, or even pass for one of the outsiders; please, start undeceiving yourselves. But if it is a question of expecting miracles (and that may be all we have left to do; be it the Le Guen style of ‘miracles’) then, let’s hope and keep smiling. Or, had I better said lets smile and keep hoping?

ntam charles

I like that piece Kumba pikin.Eto'o in his frenzy and unbridled anger attacked and headbouted a young cameroonian journalist for asking questions.Dont ask me why his former club refused to retain him despite his good performance in the pitch.


Chief  Ayuk  Arrey

A useless Gov't like that of Cameroon will produced nothing.
I see nothing that your Eto'o will play in South Africa. The Lions are the most undiscipline team to play in S.Africa.
I daought if they can even made it through the First round.

the binglo

the binglo


we might say what we want .but etto,s character is questionable .lets just reflect a few mounths behind .why did thomas nkono live the team?if we are all informed he was not happy with the bihaviour of etto to the point he would dicide who plays and where.i once met modest mbami in a resturant they was a conversation on the national team .and he said the behaviour of etto was not somting he could voice in public .and i ask why?his response was my brother le cameroon ce le cameroon.

ntam charles

Now u just revealed what Mbami said about Eto'o and hence put him at the risk of facing Eto'o's wrath.Remember,Mbami told u he could not say these things in public.U just let the cat out of the bag



Greetings to the Lions fans.
It may not matter how emmotional we approach Eto,s reaction to Milla,s sarcastic comments. That Eto has done nothing to the Lions beats my understanding of football made in cameroon. Whatever he meant can not be construe for anything less that arrogance .The young Eto deserve better than that from old boy,Milla.Eto too may not be excused for his outburst,but his service to the team has been tremedous and such cheap comments can only be qualified as diabolic, for they lacked substance. Olympic medal, 3 nations cup Trophies, and 3 time African footballer award. What message is Milla sending accross to the football world? Where and when?
Nothing else will speak better for Milla, if we try to undermine his 2 time African footballer of the year awards,the 2 African cup of Nations triumphs and his 90 exploits. Where is his inspiration coming from? Talking about 90,who was our opposition? Litle columbia,Romania,and when milla confronted England he was lost. It was not Milla who open the doors, remember M'fede,s moves on the tenth minute of that game, then Omam will go dawn in history as the one who scored the decisive goal against Finalist Argentina,giving cameroon hope. Kumba boy is attempting to undermine the victories recorded agianst Togo,Gabon and morocco and to take away the 2000 goal medal from Eto,that Mboma, Etame,Wome and co.deserve more credit. Football is about team work. You are attempting to distort what has been archaied. Lets go dawn the memory lane, 1984 Nations cup will not future in Milla,s records if your approach has to be adopted, he was a shadow of himself, Ebongue,Ngeue Rene,Sinkot Issac,Aberga,Kunde,will then take credit.That must not be the approach, the 23 players all desreve respect.
We are now questioning Eto,s patriotism to motherland,para Milla. How many times did Milla blatantly refused to honoured the motherland,s call to service? Lets not forget that in 1985 milla and Nkono prefered club to motherland, the resultant effect was a 4-1 thrashing of cameroon by Zambia, at the Lusaka independence stadium. Even when both managed to show up in Yaounde for the return leg it was too late,this was an outright betrayal. Eto has honoured all his national calls, and that is patriotism. Kumba Boy, we need to focus on facts and not fiction. Eto like his compatriots, deserve no less time off,after a demanding season at inter,Lucio and millito took similar time off, like Eto and not 2days as you will want cameroonians to believe. You cite the Ballacks and the Beckhams as more patriotic than Eto, even when its evidence they are not part of the SA trip, they remind at training grounds,that is fiction for Ballack as i know has been in Miami for a couple of weeks now, and that is not unpatriotism. Beckham on his part has been given an administrative role in the England squad.
Questioning Paul Le Guen,s tactics is no breaking news, even before he took over the team, 10 months ago his critics were already flirting out there. We are so head strong and refusing to see the great team he has built within 10 months. Le Guen is known for his professionalism,his records at Lyon , picked PSG from the gutter and went ahead to win the coupe de France,took PSG to UEFA cup. Taking over the reins in cameroon ,after a slow start of qualifying for the world cup,his impact was immediate and his decision to hand the captaincy to Eto proved a masterstroke. Gabon was twice humilated in a week,Togo was the next casualty and Morrocco had to accept the inevitable, in their back yard, cameroon 2- Morrocco 0. His first assignment was credited as excellent by any standard. Came the AFCON,Le Guen had to accept the bitter pill,Ekotto is injured,Bassong is reluctant to show up, Song will again be risked. Watch cameroon match with Egypt,you will know what i am talking about. Le Guen Cameroon,s out- powerd Egypt, but the Gods of football were not with them.That team showed potentials with barely 4 months in his assignment,10 months today Le Guen will be showcasing to the world what a messiah he is. Kumba Boy, you talked about voodoo,thats weird to Le Guen, he has produced the best talents cameroon has ever had. Maybe the Milla,s relayed on voodoo.
You said cameroon relayed on home based D2 players in 1990 World cup? No, we are trying to confuse the issue here,meaning that Tataw (c)Ndip,Kunde,Onana Denis,were D2 Players in cameroon?eeh....Based on form,the present squad will outdo the class of 90. My starting XI; Kameni, Nkoulou, Mbia, Bassong,Ekotto,Geremi,Andre Song, Eyong,Emana,Eto,o, Piere Webo.



Erdi Sam

What an excellent analysis from Kumba Pinkin, timngum you are just beating around the bush. After his diagnosis, Ballack left hospital immediately, non-stop to the team...
Would Eto'o do that???


Le Guen might be a Proffessional in France but not with the Lions. He's not able to discipline Etto and the Team in general.


What a moment in the History of Soccer(football).We should understand that this game has evolved tremendously and the fact that it is being hosted in Africa(SA)the world is closely watching what changes this can bring to football and to Africans in particularly. We need this cup to be frank with you all to bring a change that we can believe in;from how we are being looked at from a humanistic point of view.It the ripe time for Africa to get this cup.
The present situation of the LIONS is due the level of thinking of our so called BODIES in power.Nowadays, it is a matter of playing the game that everyone can see that this or that team merits the cup. Being a good player here is not by chance but showing the world that you can do it. Gone are the days folks.
All what is happening btn Milla and Eto is not new in football. If I were Eto or his managers I will take this as a challenge instead looking at the past and make history in my own backyard.
I rest my commets this far and to say the LIONS are not well prepared for this WC.
Who can we blame but ourselves. A change is needed for us to keep enjoy this blessing of the game of football to my beloved country Cameroon.



the first time that The Lions are being beaten in an opening game in the WC. HISTORY. It rings a bell where this Country is heading to.

We need to do something to bring a change in our beloved Country.We are all responsible to bring that change. NO POINTING OF FINGERS BUT ACTING POSITIVELY.

nyoh moses

These guys need to work hard. The problem between Milla and Eto'o if problem there is indicate the mind set of cameroonians. You do not dare crticise the president, us and nobody. We are in a country of paople who are all knowing. What a pity! Lets see what they bring from South Africa.Mr. Chia long time and good luck. Stay blessed.

Jordan 1

Who is to live happy! Have to live with dignity! Like lions to live! Lion is a symbol of power! Lion gives the impression that the sanctity of side


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