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  • Bernard Fonlon
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June 14, 2010


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BBC Sport's Alan Shearer on Eto'o:

"He's a world class player, he's their best player, he should be their figurehead, the focal point of everything. He should be in the box. He's not causing a threat out there [on the right]. He looked lethargic, playing in the wrong position and it looked to me as if he didn't want to be there."

Milla has every right to be sipping champagne right now because Eto'o doesn't have what it takes to carry this team even if he is the better player as his fans claim - just like Messi will never be the leader of the Argentine squad like Maradona was, even if his fans claim he is the more technically gifted player.


There is nothing Eto'o can do.Although he has the guts to ask what Roger ever did,he lags behind when it comes to delivering for the lions.looking at the lions play against Japan I can bet my life on that this team is going no inch.Mr. Chia your article represent the clouds that surrounds the minds of cameroonians as they will live to,and will always say we used to have a better team in the 90s.Records are beaten in competition not by talking.

Thinking Boy

Innocent can u kick a ball and if u can why don't u wear ur football shoes and go into that field and play what ur mouth thinks? Did u see anything good with the team of yesterday? Football is not all about win win but the play style that makes the viewer impressed. The lions though they lost their match impressed many at least me and that was enough.I Love reading your chia report but try to be positive on issues you can't handle or do better than others.Nobody can be blamed for that goal scored as far as my eyes saw the match. The Japanese played no football as ball possession favoured Cameroon at 55% over 45% for Japan. Simply the game of football is all about luck and it was on the Japan team last evening.


Cameroon's defeat is one albatross around the Coach’s neck... At best, his managerial formula was lethargic; placing Eto'o on the right instead of the centre where his presence can be more defining is a horrific mistake... Then came remarkable episodes of shambolic defending... incoherent passes, weak play coordination..etc... Judging from the sheer lack of ambition in the face of a largely mediocre Japanese side, it seems we're beginning to lose something more than just football matches... our national pride as Africa's football powerhouse is oozing away faster than any containment measures can halt the bleeding...!

On a positive note, Cameroonians - at least in the combative world of football - have built their legacy calloused hands by calloused hands... This time, if our stars can bundle away their egos for the good of the entire galaxy, and just show us that they are ready to die for the country they love as they did in the last minutes of the Japanese game, Denmark and Holland will fall... Then maybe Eto'o can finally have his cocktail with Milla on whose resume shows more enterprise...
Africa is watching...she has come so far and we cannot afford to let her down.


Im in cameroon and we are all sick at home FROM NORTH TO SOUTH.. i watch domestic first division football and we have players back home that can fight or carry the flags better than some of these socall professionals.Look at Egyptian national team, about 90% OF thier players and coaches are domestic . They defeated and disqualified SOCCER GIANT Cameroon 4 times in the last 8years or so[2006 world cup and 2 african nations cup].I lived in Europe and have seen this over and over with Africans countries.The concept is that the best coaches and players must come from Europe.Must of these coaches from Europe are former players and some hurrible in thier playing days. We have alot of renown former players ALL OVER AFRICA. Why not give them the try?Milla said two weeks ago that there was chaos in the national team and was yelled at. What he saw was, inside politics in cameroon football.That some of us will never know why he came out pointing out dilema on tv france24.The coach has no voice, players like Eto’o, fecafoot and the minister of sports have say on naming the national team squad.Remember ,It was presidential degree that had Milla in the 1990 worldcup, we all forget that.I mean The president of cameroon personally wanted to see him play.Thank God it turn out good. UNTIL THE MINISTER OF SPORTS AND FECAFOOT CAME UP WITH AN INDEPENDENT REVIEW ABOUT THE PROCESS THESE PROFESSIONAL PLAYERS AND COACHES ARE SELECTED. WE WILL AS A PEOPLE OF A SOCCER NATION, WILL KEEP BLAMING OUR PLAYERS AND EUROPEANS.MERITS ONLY HOME OR ABROAD
In 1982 and 1990 world cup respectively, alot of home base players played even better than professional players.Cameroon has one of the best leagues in Africa. we have strickers and midfield players at home. Mbouh Mbouh Emile ,Louis-Paul Mfédé, and alot more.Former Cameroon national team coaches like Jean Vincent [1982]Valeri Kuzmyich Nepomniachi [1990]emphasised the use of home players base on talents and merits ONLY.The result was good.NOW IS ALL ABOUT ‘CHOP I CHOP’. some players handed gifts to football federation officials ,ministers and lobby atimes for the sick. the problem in from the top.Discpline is also another major factor. we can all learn from Ghana and Eygpt.


Thinking Boy you sound like an idiot.A game is played to win and not to possess balls.Encourage these frail lions to keep possessing balls not winning and see how it will help them.Your world is illusion. What do you mean to be positive?Realism is swallowing your positivity.Instead of being positive just be real then,you will begin to understand what Chia meant.


I watched the entire Nertherlands versus Denmark derby. Within the first twenty minutes of the Lions versus Blue Samurais, it was abundantly clear to me that no matter the outcome of the match, the lions because of their lackadaisical playstyle, absence of total co-ordination have a herculean bolt to undo when they meet these later adversiaries as the clock ticks during this unique African Edition of the world cup.
We however, keep fingers crossed and hoping that like the Argentines, the wounded lions would be more lethal in the coming matches.
Lions!!! We're with you.


Dear folks,
time and the way football is played nowadays has changed alot. A team spirit is needed to win possessions of the ball.Many sports fans are saying that the LIONS don't have a specific style of play but there was a playstyle yesterday. Who can tell me?
Well, we shouldn't blame the team too much but the administration of Soccer in Cameroon.What good has come out of this game that has made the country to be known worldwide? NOTHING BUT GREED and self interests.So what do we expect from these boys. They did their best.
We goona make noise but no change will come forth.
Good luck LIONS!!!!!!!!!


In 20 years (after the triumph of 1990) I just realized today how I have never in that time, KNEW that Cameroon will win whenever we were in a game -any game. I always HOPED we will win....which brought me to the realization that I am an enabler. Emotionally, I have invested way too much on this lot in spite of my knowledge of the inevitable outcome. And yet, I get sad and DISAPPOINTED in the aftermath. This team, these divas, this culture, this outlook, what we perceive, its all a FACADE. The players are world class - their pay checks prove it - but the team hasn't got a chance. NOt @ this level. They will get chewed up by the Spanish, Germans and Brazilians and embarras YOU ALL...And the coach is as spaced out in his words and deeds so much so that one has to conclude its a waste and jump on the Black Star band. Thats your only chance of any good feelings emanating from this historic incredible event. The next time the World Cup comes to Africa, we will be 65 - or Dead! With that in mind, I refuse to support, or harbor any thoughts of success, or believe any thing worthy, of pride and respect for Africa, and our way of life and our hardwork and so on and so on, will come from this Cameroon team with Eto at its helm!!!
Brilliant piece grand Innocent....

Thinking Boy

Esoka, yes am an idiot but my opinion counts at least to me. take it or leave it, am contented with it. Do u forget that the lions are from Cameroon? A country where the policy of blame is premodial? Grow up and understand that till the coming of Christ nothing positive can ever be delivered in a land where pessimist like you live. Cameroonians are die heart supporters of the indomitables so long as they win but failure is not acceptable and so that is why shock and oblivion will always come the way it came. Esoka my brother, i enjoy the game of football not results as even if the team wins the world cup i will never benefit a dime from that success. I will not stop being a scavenger if the cup comes to Cameroon won by the lions. A Bamenda man will not benefit anything but will continue to be a second class citizen. So brother, do not take my comment to heart but accept that change will not come from the lions to cameroon but from you and me if we learn to be positive in the midst of criticism. This match was so good and the results so good. hahahahahhahahhaha football.

ntam charles

Brilliant piece indeed Mr Chia.As u rightly put it in your last write-up.Africans have turned to celebrate and uphold failure while the rest of the world go for the trophy.Thinking boy's perspective is a confirmation of this very lamentable attitude.I followed the commentaries during our match in German.The criticisms u make are the same criticisms the German experts and journalists made after the match.I cant predict how the lions shall bahave in the next two matches,but i can only talk of what i witnessed yesterday.The taming of the lions by the japanese was like in a circus show.The roaring lions with their teeth and claws finally yielded to the commands of the Asian Master who did not sustain even the slightest injury from the Great and Fierce lions.At the end of the cicus show,the Masters actually caged the beast as u rigtly hint in ur caption.


Chief  Ayuk  Arrey

It was a total disgraced. I don't even know who is playing number 10 position. That style of play that Cameroon never wins but will be conceiving goals in all matches managed by Le Guen is questionable.

Le Guen should be sacked immediately. 2.6 Million FCFA everyday is a scam.

Just forget about the other two matches, the Lions will go no where with such a playing style.
The only match they could have managed to snatch 3 points to be in a better position, they lose.
The first world cup held in Africa and Cameroon will drop out in the first round is a total disgrace to the African Continent.

It is preferably to support young and discipline Ghanians and Ivorians than the Lions.

Erdi Sam

Do they even deserve that title "Lion"? To me watching them fumble at the pitch, they should be called "DUCKS", I mean "Gwa'gwa". Indomitable or bush Gwa'gwa!


The African nations cup performance was a disgraced. that was enough red flag about this lions team .Coaches,players and Fecafoot some used to be a domestic player that captains the team.wht happened?


These guys are not just GWA,GWA they are SINGJI bush fouls.


Thinking boy, i think you are an ignoramus....yes and a big one too for that matter. Thats the reason why your name is Thinking Boy.... because you most probably think from the wrong side of everything. Will not puzzle me why you are a scavenger or at least.... somebody without determination and hopes...... Please reconsider your strategy when providing future analysis on football issues on this site.

If you would have taken your time to visualize Cameroon against Japan,you wouldn't have enjoyed anything at all except....maybe the last 15 minutes of the game. You could have clearly agreed with Grand Innocent.... who said it all in his article (good job Grand Innocent). You would have clearly seen very little determination in Cameroonian players. You could have seen a team with little or no enthusiasm. The present world cup is being played in Africa if you do not remember...., and you never know when and if ever Africa may have such an opportunity to host the world cup again. We therefore expect a play of determination and confidence in African players (as seen in Ghana, South Africa.....)and some type of coherent analysis from people like you if you must continue to provide one.....

Chief  Ayuk  Arrey

Cameroon shocked Africa and the World.

The Nervousness they were playing in the start of the match was disappointing. Cameroon poor perfomances has shilded the main stream media from them and rather to Ivory coast and Didier Drogba.

No coordination between the midfield and the attack. The midfield and the attack holds the ball so much so that I thought Cameroon was not playing to win.

I guess we need to redefine victory. This will help us appreciate and criticise better.


You guys expect any good play from the "LION."SERIOUSLY? Common sweet people.The failure of the lions symbolizes the fail state of Cameroon.Whereby,the government for the people NOT BY THE PEOPLE is failing continuously.Did people really expected this team to do well?BLIND PATRIOTISM IS NOT PATRIOTISM.

ntam charles

To limit ones self to the height of mediocrity instead of excelence is just the wrong mind-set.There should be only one reason to compete and this should be nothing other than being the victor.But then even if one should fail,it is but proper to see where the failure came from in order to be better prepared for the future.There is no such thing like attributing failure to badluck.Thinking Boy,your oppinion counts but it is not good enough.It is simply the wrong mindset.You have the right to say the things you say but u would be rated by your utterances.

Andy Dingana

I am appalled by the comments on this blog. You can't reap where you did not sow. What investment has Cameroon done in Soccer? We go around boasting like we deserve any victory. Do we have a simple stadium the meets international norms? Poor Cameroonians have nothing to cling on to, and soccer seems to be the only consolation. Most of these kids playing for Cameroon, are foreign born who don’t even know the country they are playing for. You guys should stop hammering each other and watch the teams that deserve to win.


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I am sorry that some people still think like Thinking Boy.You are an embarrassment.Your opinion will always count, there is no disputes about that.The dispute is about how effective can your opinion be useful when sample with others.Your opinion will count but will never be considered.According to your thinking lions should go to world cup to play good games and not to win.Study well do not pass exams,run well do not win the race.Please try to change your mind set.

Chief  Ayuk  Arrey

Please let no one refer to me as a Cameroonian anymore. I am now a Ghanian. It is better to be a Black Star than a Lion. ,where will the victory come from? When the Lions are not playing with confidence.
Didn't you witnessed what Ivory Coast played. The confidence was there and they were playing to win.
Abundant passes and good coordination between the Midfielders and the attackers.
I am very convince that Ivory coast and Ghana will make it to the next round.

Have you forgotten Football is Cameroons only pride in the world ?



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