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  • Fonlon-Nichols Award
    Website of the Literary Award established to honor the memory of BERNARD FONLON, the great Cameroonian teacher, writer, poet, and philosopher, who passionately defended human rights in an often oppressive political atmosphere.
  • Bernard Fonlon
    Dr Bernard Fonlon was an extraordinary figure who left a large footprint in Cameroonian intellectual, social and political life.
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    AFRICAphonie is a Pan African Association which operates on the premise that AFRICA can only be what AFRICANS and their friends want AFRICA to be.
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March 16, 2011


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Ghislain Fosso

These paragraphs are proof of an appalling lack of mastery of facts by the author. Please, you know not what you talk about. I dare not track specific faults for I risk re-writing your article. Sir, before you submit, make sure you do your home work!

Dave Ewusi

Mr Ghislain Fosso, I was about to say the same thing about the author of this article who intends to show us the way to democracy and does not even know the name of the army chief of staff of his country(General Baba Souley, army chief of staff, General Réné Claude Meka, head of the joint chiefs of staff). He also displays a lack of understanding of the army's involvement in african politics by insinuating that generals have a major role to play in what the rank and file think and do. Make no mistake about my intentions in seeing my country make democratic and political progress, however articles like this will not lead us there.


The author is trying to make sense out of the complete chaos in the country Cameroon. Which government officer gives information about the workings of the country? None. How many times has Biya granted interviews to journalists? Very limited, and if he does, it is about what he ate for lunch. Did we not hear his government asking of citizens to provide proof of corruption in his government? But when confronted by the facts from transprency international he cries. Facts are facts, but in Cameroon even Biya gets his information from hearsay sources. What do we know about the workings of our government? I am not in the business of defending a critic who mangle up names, but the essential fact in his write up is clear for anyone to undertsand. If Mr Ghislain Fosso and Dave Ewusi can read and undertsand basic English grammar, you should be able to understand what Innocent is trying to develop. His point is clear, and is a fact. The Cameroon military is disfunctional, and there is no clear mechanism of securing peace in this country, besides unwarranted arrest and jailing of citizens. The police is corrupt, and is made up of graduates intent on using the sole employer (governement) to feed family. I know our eductaion system is what has failed us. We were trained to cram and pass exams, but never trained on the basic responsibility of honest citizenship, which is why everybody is now defending Biya just to get by. That system of things will spin out of control very soon.


Tataw and Semengue cannot be in their 70s. These men are way pass 80.


Hey guys, look beyond your noses! Is Cameroon (and Africa) truly independent? Whether Biya appoints Fru Ndi as Chief of Army Staff or Lapiro De Mbanga as Director of Presidential Security, our problems will remain the same because the real enemy is somewhere else.

Our problems in Africa are not Biya, Mubarack, Mugabe, Ben Ali, Ghaddafi, etc, but rather, America, France, Britain, Germany, etc. Ahidjo was the same yesterday. Biya is the same today. Fru Ndi (Kah Walla)will be the same tomorrow.

Until we shake off the yoke of neocolonialism, we'll never have peace, democracy etc. Only the United States of Africa will free Africa from the claws of these western vampires. Ghaddafi had a true vision for Africa, and I am praying for him. God save Africa!

Lorater Ngenge

This piece is astounding in both analysis and credibility considering the abyss in which Cameroon finds itself.It is simply false to compare the level of patriotism of Ahidjo to that of Biya.

The status of the common man under Ahijo was not like today.And kleptomania and corruption did not plague the first republic to this level.Apart from his appointment of his henchmen as generals ,what is all this fuss about recruiting 25000 youths?

The problem of our country is not in France nor America.It is the leadership incarnated by Biya.He has given pass to a system which is now worse than the word rotten.The Cameroon that he inherited from his predecessor is not what his successor will inherit.

This is the only regime in the world that is more than 25years in power with no infrastructural ccomplishments to show.Ahidjo tranformed the country into a vast building site offering employement to many and changing the beauty of the country.

under this man we have only seen him and his henchies bloat with the stolen wealth of the country.What a the country sinks in debt his appointees only get richer and richer and someone says the problem is in France?

African God presidents are simply not patriotic.All of them should be tried for treason because no one forces them to plunder the wealth of a country and store and invest abroad.Chinese do business in Cameroon free but cameroonians cannot even protest freely.This system even "kanda stick" no fit fix am.lef am so


Dindzee. You can blame colonialists all you want. You can blame evrybody in the west, but the facts remain clear. Nobody in America, Germany, europe, Canada asked us to deny our people basic services. Who from Germany asked us not to clean our streets?. Is it the German chancellor who asked port authorities, police, and army to collect bribes from transporters. Who stops us from paving our roads?. Whats all this foolish talk about colonialists. Is it colonialists who is asking Gbagbo to hank on to power in Ivory coast. You cannot blame tyrants like Biya, Mugabe, Gbagbo, Ghaddaffi for our malaise, but you can blame westerners. Whats actually wrong with the way we think. Are Africans mentally challenged or downright stupid? Until we can accept that we are our own problems we rae not going to solve the mirriad of problems confronting us. Just stop peddling that nonsense about colonialists ok.

Emmanuel Elangwe

"Cameroon’s army is beset by severe shortcomings, including tribalism which we discuss today, and illitearcy that we will revisit in another piece".... I'm assuming the following General Staff officers are from Mvomeka or it's surrounding villages: Generals Yenwo, Elokobi, Mahamat Ahmed, Ngoua Ngally , Douala Masango (rightfully undeserving of any promotion imho), Tchemo Hector Marie, Saly Mohamadou, Tumenta Chomu Martin, Mohamadou Hamadiko.... Right!? Massa, una too sef !!!!

In almost every army world wide, less that 20% of active duty officers will retire as Colonels ( and its corresponding rank in other service branches), let alone General Staff. As usual Cameroon has to be the exception, every officer whose name makes it into the lyrics of a makossa and or Bikutsi hit, should be a General Staff officer. Una go kill me wit sweet !! Na who too d bring in this "Blame the West B*llsh&t in to something as basic as appointments at the Ministry Of defence??? Saaaaaaaah !!

Oben Henry

When you have a caption stick to it. Read the French journals and you get a better idea of the appointments. How can you say "Appoints ten new Generals" in your caption without giving the names of the Generals in your story. Your caption would have been, " Biya retires four old Generals" Journalism is not all about the sales of newspapers, but about keeping the public well informed.. Talking about tribalism, there are two anglophone Generals on the list and that is a fair enough representation..


Ngenge, Jings, and Elangwe, what has Africans done to deserve to be in paradise? You wonder why Kah Walla and co had less than 20 supporters for their planned protest march, yet you are asking Biya to leave. Another clown who calls himself Biya Killer avers that he is going to kill Biya this year! Hahahahahahahaha!!!
People merit the leaders they have. If we have a bad leader, it must be punishment from God for our sins.
In Nigeria, Obasanjo tried to armtwist the Constitution and stay in power but Nigerians, America, Britain, France etc, fell on him and he abandoned his plans. In Cameroon, Biya changed the Constitution to have another seven year term of office but nobody coughed! Not even the self-proclaimed number one watchdog - America. Why? the reason is simple. So long as we are the "chop farm" of these so-called world leaders, we shall never prosper. The problem is not our leaders. The problem is us in Africa, who cannot say NOOOOOO with one BIG voice.
Where is Dadis Camara who hit the table many times and shouted "to hell with America, Germany, Britain, France"? The same America that asked Mubarack, Ben Ali, and now Gaddafi to leave, is the same America that connived with these same dictators to steal the people's wealth.
Have you ever asked yourselves why the Government of Switzerland does not refuse to keep our stolen money yet they are always ready to "freeze" our money at the least oportunity? Where do they keep the "frozen" money?
Guys, wake up! The enemy is somewhere else! If we send Biya away, another Biya will come. I was born in Cameroon some 49 years ago. I have never spent more than one year out of Cameroon, so I am wearing the shoe and I know how it hurts. It is up to Africans to continue dreaming. If we continue with "Biya must go" we surely shall fail, as in the past. Hope you got the point.
God have mercy on Cameroon!


Mr. Dindzee;

Did the Swiss ever come to Cameroon to ask your president to bring money to their bank? Whats wrong with you? Even at 49 you still don't get it. Was it America that shot Dadis Camara? No. It was a fellow Guinean, and besides. You mentioned that, "we cannot speak with one voice". That means we are our problem. You clearly mentioned Biya, Obasanjo trying to tweak the constitution to run again. How can you mention all these leaders as our problem, and turn around in the same sentence to say our problemm is else where? What. Are you kidding me? This is exactly the fundamental problem of understanding basic stuff. Have you ever asked yourself, while countries like Botswana are democratic, with very little or no corruption. Is Biya, Obasanjo, Camara, Gbagbo white. LOOK IN YOUR COUNTRY AND FIND OUT WHY WE ARE THE PROBLEM. STOP LOOKING ELSEWHERE. AND DON'T BE DELUSIONAL. THE PROBLEM IN CAMEROON IS CAUSED BY CAMEROONIANS AND NOT EH WHITEMAN.

Emmanuel Elangwe

..."Ngenge, Jings, and Elangwe, what has Africans done to deserve to be in paradise?"...

Huh!? Me a no d understand weti u d try for ask make I answer. As concerns your "America and the West being our problem", I don't hold those debates anymore. It's border-line insane, to be quite fair, Sir. Your are entitled to your opinions, but not the facts. Can we stop the trolling!?

I'm really not quite sure how haven not spent more than a year out of the Country makes expert on anything Cameroon (for lack of a better phrase).


Hey Jings, I am surprised that you see nothing wrong with the whiteman keeping stolen money. With my elementary knowledge of law, I know that a thief and a receiver of stolen property all have the same punishment. What has Botswana got to offer to the whiteman?

The point is that the guns are made by the whiteman. They sell them to our leaders; steal our wealth, protect the leaders who accept to give them our wealth; tag those who refuse to give as dictators and terrorists. When people rise against these puppet leaders, the whiteman pretends to support the masses only to turn round and put another oposition puppet, and the game will continue till thy kingdom come! Let us wait and see.




Dindzee. Stick with your law and leave international matters alone. I am glad, i have this opprotunity to educate you on international affairs. Most of the guns bought by our governments are done so respecting international law on the sales of arms. Companies who sell such guns respect international treaties. So, no law is broken. If the Cameroon government choose to buy arms to slaugther citizens that is their choice. And if they choose to buy arms to keep the peace and defend against foreign aggressors, that's also their choice. Today, Biya has chosen to buy arms to stay in power through intimidation and coercion. Banks are protected by international laws. You will have to prove to these banks that monies Biya brorugh in is stolen money. Until then, they have a right to receive new custoomers every day. If you got 20 million in any currency to deposit in an account, it is not the banks reponsibility to question you about the source of the money before opening an account for you. Until there is a report that you stole the money, you will continue to receive good customer services from any such banks. I think, you can also deposit millions of dollars or euros, or french franc in any Cameroonian bank without having to worry to explain to the bankers the source of your money.

I do not come to this matter with such a simplistic view as you think. I guess, the way you reason is such as to allow you feel good about why we are the way we are. I do not know what kind of law you practice, but i will not advice you to take to defending a client in court by suggesting that, he stole meat from his mothers pot because she left the pot opened. Thats blaming the victim, why protecting the thief.

Africans have to be smart. Business is done for profit, and i will never blame a whiteman who negotiates to benefit his side. What stops our leaders from reforming our political system, clean of streets, offer basic services to the people, and fight corruption?. Is it the whiteman encourages corrution and laziness in government/ Is it the whiteman who takes bribe at the port and goes free? Keep your house clean, and when guest visit they will clean thier shoes before getting in? Leave it dirty, and nobody will bother cleaaning it for you.

I am sick and tired of this nonsens of blaming othes while we fail to take basic responsibilities to address the situation. Or are you telling me, we have to keep blaming the whiteman until the return of God almighty. Common men, get real, help yopur country by spreading the message.


Jings, I lived the Ahidjo era; I am living the Biya era; let us all wait for the next President of Cameroon. May he meet us all alive. That is when we'll know who knows the real problem, and the practical solutions. I have not escaped from Cameroon and continued to earn a salary like some of our brothers and sisters - making a lot of noise out there. I merit the stipend I receive every month as salary. The difference between our way of looking at the issues is that while I am practical, you go for BIG theories - if, if and if.
Political institutions are not examined in isolation, but within the context of a political system vis a vis other systems.
God bless us all, and bless Cameroon.


I lived both eras as well, and while you wait for the messiah and continue to live on your salary. If some of us stayed in Cameroon, you probably will not have the job you have because of your narrow reasoning. Because you choose to stay and serve Biya, while feeding from his crumbs, doesn't give any right to abuse those of us who choose not to serve a rascal. To make this personal, i was a teacher in the private sector, then a business man before leaving Cameroon.

The problem with Cameroonians is that, we sit back and expect miracles to happens. That is why you have resigned to your fate, and is counting on some supernatural power to remedy the situation, while at the same time blaming the woes in Cameroon on foreigners. You have now taken the battle to a different height, by attacking those who left Cameroon. If not of the remittances that people in the diasporas send to Cameroon daily, that country would have declared bancruptcy.

Stick to your lawyer business, and this is the reason why there is lawlessness in Cameroon,because i wonder how shallow a man of law can reason. We are in deep trouble in Cameroon.

Sherell Elangwe

"Over education" na sign for under developement...period. This site na the biggest sign board for that theory.

Jings, isn't funny how folks who are clueless when it comes to Cameroon have sooooooo much to offer on international affairs!!? I still don't get it. Mediocracy is the new excellence in Cameroon. You think we r in deep trouble? Bro, you ain't seen nothing yet. These folks are pathetic. U no d c ya broda e title for e article!? Biya cha kata for payee, na e title that. E get every fact wrong, and we are 'pose to sing along. Gr8t...The next thing wey I go hear na say, i b CPDM spy, whatever that means.

Ya broda say 2day na tribalism for Army, he did'nt say a word when Achidi Achu stuffed Abakwa pikin dem for....( I'm having a brain freeze) public proffesional schools them, or when Agbor Tabi turn ENS into an All Manyu Conference!!! Huh!? Listen guys, it's not so much as a tribalistic system of gov't, but a Patronage/Patrimoniacal apparatus. You don't necessarily have to be Beti/Ewondo to benefit from the system, it's more than that. Of course, folks just don't get it.

Sorry, I had to use Wifey's name to be able to post, Chiareport won't allow me to. I'm not sure why, I think I have been really polite on here :)


Jings and Dindze,

You both make valid points. I don`t think the can be an exclusive stance on this issue.


Mr. Jings, I do not know for heaven's sake why you are taking this matter personal. Who put it in your shallow skull that I am a lawyer? Maybe I articulate my arguments the way a lawyer would do.
If it may interest you, I am a well trained, and productive Agro-Industrial Technician. I am a job maker. I do not know the type of stuff you gave poor Cameroonians as a "teacher" with your primary way of looking at issues. People like you would never have taken my job. You can only "fall bush" in order to lick the whiteman's ass for crumbs. If you never passed the Competitive Examination into ENS (Higher or lower)in order to become a qualified teacher, would you have passed one in order to "fall bush"? You tried teaching and failed. Tried business and failed. How did you "fall bush"? Please look at yourself in the mirror.
I do understand your frustration. Came back home and let's build Cameroon with the pienuts you send from "bush", as you claim.
People like you have escaped from the battle front into your "squirrel holes", waiting for the time when the war shall be over, in order to come and reap where they did not sow.
What is your personal contribution towards the enhancement of the democratic process in Cameroon? "Bush fallers" are all the same.
Last year when I was travellindg to the US, I met one of you at the Douala Airport, shouting at the top of his voice how Cameroon is very corrupt, simply because he was asked to pay Airport Tax (10.000 Frs). This opportunist had a US passport, a white American wife, and two American kids. I reminded him that he was a foreigner, and should pay the airport tax because us, Cameroonians, are paying without any complain. That is the type of stuff you are made of.
I suggest that you rally all your brothers and sisters out there so that you all come back "home" and lead the demonstrations for Biya to leave. If you do not come, then be sure that sooner than later, you will be reminded that you cannot eat your cake and have it.
I duff my hat for our brothers and sisters who genuinely left Cameroon, and are contributing towards meaningful change in Cameroon. Not those who forged papers, claiming membership of the SDF or SCNC, jumped into the plane with false identification papers, emerged in Asylum Camps in Europe or America, claimed persecution, and soiled the name of Cameroon, in order to live in the "whiteman's country".
[email protected] is my address. Get to me for a one on one encounter, so that I educate you on the reality on the ground. May God bless you and bless Cameroon.

Gan Charles

Until the Cameroonian leader governs on behalf of Cameroon first then other interest second there will not be progress. And until the Bamenda man and the Limbe man and the Garoua man and the Beti man or woman etc. etc. acknowledge that we are in the same boat, this Cameroon problem will never be resolved.


Mr Jings and Dindze, you both make excellent points.

Unlike Egypt, Cameroon has never been a nation. Yes, Cameroonians love Cameroon but I don't see any patriotism


I am an American married to an African. I was amazed at the wonderful people I met when visiting Africa. Unfortunately, they do not seem to demand anything from their leaders . . . it is as if some are waiting for Mr. Ahidjo to return. Until THE PEOPLE do something about the corruption, people like me cannot convince their friends to go and see Africa's gifts for themselves. There is money waiting to be made honestly, and no one wants it. I am sorry to say that the alternative to working out problems at home seems to be coming here without a suitable level of English, technological skills or critical thinking to get along in a first world city, while everyone else must take care of them (and whoever is hanging onto them) instead of taking care of other Americans. America has problems now, and it does us as little good as it does Africa to have African Ph.D.'s stacking boxes in American shops. Please excuse my embarrassing view, but Africa simply must stand up. There is no shortage of intelligence abroad. I remarked to my father only this morning that based on just intelligence, Africa could be telling the rest of the world what to do within fifty years. If I can imagine that, surely you can . . . but the people have to build their state. I am one of those Americans who feels that aid money should no longer be sent to places where it goes to the ministers' golf fees instead of "Joe Africa's" empty breakfast bowl. If "Joe" is going to starve anyway, I see no reason to continue paying for the ministers' limousines. "Joe" needs to manage his situation. Thanks for listening to an outsider.

A P Geofrey

All I can say to this appointment of generals is that if it is intended to intimidate Cameroonians, well then it seems to be working rather fairly well. But as far as this article goes, it was not worth reading at all.



Just shut up.

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