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March 01, 2011


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What a silly piece of writting! This is just wishfull thinking and unserious journalism.
I am saying so becoz it would be too much change of a sudden and I wonder if such a move which I myself would view as "too good to be true" is possible?


May the wind of change blow fromm north to south, and may the tremor that follows not spear the criminals who have been protected for so long by this criminal nation of France. May lightning and thunder destroy the French Republic and all similar imperialists who maintain a choke hold on our homeland.

Lienghotue Gideon

We will be glad to see such a change. Whether he implement these policy or note, they are bound tosuffer the consequence. A new world order is on the way. It is unbelievable that French speaking colonies are underdevelope and less democratic becas of leader who have run out of ideals and disconnected from reality.Biya has not deliver in 29yrs and hope to do so in 37yrs. The consequence is too much. When countries freezes a falling dictator, assets, the country suffer. Civil war is luming in sb sahara Africa. It's time the French embraze a democratic africa.Africans are moving out becos of no hope but a democratic society with job will permit us to go back home. Sakozy please do something. Don't wait untill there is war b4 you started talking of sanction.

jackson umenjoh

the french policy have already failed in afriaca and else where the is no room for such policy. too late mr president if achaully those are new compersation for africans why do you wait untill now sir
jackson 1 feb 3 2011


Those would be the hugest changes in the frogosphere in lifetime. Sarkozy should be especially wary of those billionaires he would tick off. When de Gaulle decided to pull out from Algeria, such reactionary forces OAS, were triggered that almost assassinated him! If this is real, watch your back, Sarko, because francafrique is riddled with nasty intelligence types


Africans, do not fall for this rubbish. This is Public Relations at its worst. If the French are leaving, they should be shot on their way out! They have too much African blood on their hands.

Gan Charles

Be careful when spreading unconfirmed rumors.


Even if the French are insane, they cannot shoot themselves on the legs like this. How do you cut off the finger that feeds you?.why did france never made such a step pirior to Egypt and Tunisia knowing too well how africans are suffering.
Where do all the billions they used to support these dictators end up if not back to France, EU and US?
Biya can boast of Mansions in Europe while his people cannot have a toilet and they die every day of cholera.
The people who are Animals, subhuman’s or slaves here are the Africans themselves(including me), Starting from the Dictators. The only way towards awareness is the way the Tunisian shows us, our fore fathers did it in the USA, so why can’t we do it in Cameroon.
We see how humiliate Mubarak was and is. He could not belief his eyes when his backer turns against him. Even Israel was surprised at the speed at which Europe and US took. The Tunisian dictator who thought he was more French than being a Tunisian was and is afraid to take refuge in France, what a controversy, how can you (dictators) live your life in perpetual fear.
Where will Paul Biya go, if we are bold enough to Undo him?. This should be better topic for wishful thinking and speculation than writing about Manners to fall from our small god "Sarkozy"


Innocent, I will certainly "Thomas" this one

J. Dinga

Do not forget that Sarkozy is preparing for the elections ahead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are tired with all this lies telling, we want action not promises. When did France start opening her own anus?

Bertrand Obi

French colonies are the least developed and least democratic of all colonies in the world. The french Government herself is ashame, Thats why Sarkozy is trying to do a revolution. this is the best time he can do it with the presence of the hurricane wind of change.Time has come when those dictators will fall at a free fall rate respecting the gravitational pull of the wind of change.

Pierro  H-Town

Camerooniians.To hell with the "Rigour and Moralization" B...S. Biya used this to calm down the Tempest for over a quarter century.
Fellow Cameroonians,it's not too late to wake up and smell the coffee.Do not wait any longer for the bus might leave us behind.This is our time,this is our moment..Lets seize the moment. The wind of change is again crusading through Africa.The first apparently was to disentangle us from the imperialists.Although their stronghold still lingers within our system,this time we must first clean up our own houses from those indoctrinated dictators,then later confront the western parasites.Sarkosy works for french interest,so please never trust these guys.We nolonger quest for french or western puppets in Africa.Biya categorically has no choice but to go.He has definitely failed his people.Even if he were a God sent, his time has elapsed.Noone can proclaim self as the lifelong leader in a dynamic system.He got 30 good years to put ideas to work,but emphatically flunged.It's time for someoneelse to give a shot.It doesn't matter from which political organization the maverick emerges from.All we desperately need at this point in our nation is a new dedicated individual at the helm, who is ready to effect positive Advancement and the much sought nation building.Fellow countrymen,rise up.Join the movement on social media,FB,Twitter,Kamerun O'Bosso and lets mobilize on the anticipated date to outmass the Biya killing machine.We must make our voices heard. Beer and Matango is not the issue of today, for Biya appreciates when Cameroonians intoxicates themselves with these rubbishes that clouds their minds.

Che Sunday

Provided the replacements of the current breed of dictators are not French hand picked. Cameroonians are apt to start singing the praises of some near-sighted politicians as prospects to replace Biya, just because the hail from their hometown. I have seen this too often to hold my breath over any changes that might be coming our way. That said, it will be a relief seeing French troops out of Africa. Period. That will be one small step in de-francophonizing Africa.

Amougou Macally

Sarkozy, what a traitor. Together, we and France have ruled and profited. What a turncoat. Our friends in France will not let this happen, so you subversives keep dreaming. We and France will rule for another 100 years.

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Ngwa K Kenneth Jah Mike

It will be a ccomplete relieve if Mr Biya leaves power. All Cameroonians who truly love this country as well sa our friends abroad should join hands together to see this dream come true. In this light I might be staging two plays here and abroad to say good bye Mr President. Please join me with your contribution if you wish; so that together we can change the history of this country.


After the capture of Laurent Bhagbo, can we say the French are getting serious? I sure think so.

Bob Jss

What Africans fail to understand is that freedom doesn't come without a fight. There is nobody in the world who is going to give you freedom if you don't fight for it especially when it's going to terribly affect their economy like the French economy. If the French African countries become democratic, it therefore means their presidents have to serve the interest of the people and not the French interest. The result is that the resources of these countries will be used to improve their standard of living and not the French. This will cause a huge economic crisis in France to the point that Cameroon will become far better than France. NATO (The greatest KKK) cannot let this happen. The French revolution was a fight for every French man's freedom. The American civil war was a fight for American freedom from the English imperialists. Africans also have to be bold enough and fight for their own freedom for nobody is going to give you freedom especially when it is going to affect their own standard of living. The North Africans have started the revolution. Please black Africans, don't stay behind as always. Fight for your right. Obama is already bombing Ghadafi for protecting his country's wealth against NATO imperialists. Don't trust Obama. He is a black man fighting for his mother's interest. That's why he is going to be a one term president because he forgot about the interest of the people who put him in power to fight for NATO's interest. Just look at his government. Can somebody name one person in Obama's government who is 100% black?


When these dictators were put in power we were not told. The oppressed should stand up and fight for their right period.

 Dr Peter Wuteh Vakunta

French journalist and writer, Fanny Pigeaud, has laid bare Nicolas Sarkozy's roadmap for bona fide democratic transition in Cameroon in a book titled AU CAMEROUN DE PAUL BIYA.For those of you who boast a smattering of French, this book would be not only a rewarding read but an eye-opener as well.

Dr. Vakunta

Amougou Macanass

France, Sarkozy cannot give anyone freedom. It cannot come through elections, because the politics are totally corrupt and rigged. It has to come from the street, a rebellion, an insurrection, preferably peaceful. Biya is so afraid of that peaceful insurrection, that is why he sends well trained brutes to beat people to the pulp when they assemble. These revolts tend to start small and then build momentum so he tries to put out the fire when it is small. The smart leadership will try to figure out how to start big very fast. Biya is studying Syria, Libya, Israel, London and other places with recent insurrections for lessons. So too must the leaders of the next revolution.

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