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Enanga, impressive research! That quote by the Bollore employee is a stab to the chest! Talking like that in this day and age... but he speaks the truth, doesn't he? We have to redouble our efforts to control key resources in our country, even though the obstacles seem so insurmountable. How do we do this? I wonder if the government requires that the companies train and give a good share of the work to Cameroonians. I guess this would cut into their profits... How about subcontracting some of the work to Cameroonian companies?

I just returned from a conference where American companies were showcasing their social consciousness - because increasingly the American consumers demand this - More Cameroonians need to be more demanding consumers. Gnashing of teeth for sure!

Neba Fuh

This investigative piece projects more light on the numerous economic maneuvers that the Biya regime is performing with his French 'suckers', resulting to the impoverishment of the masses.
Thanks for highlighting it.


For Camerooninans to take control of some of its resources,businesses and have some influence politically,we need brains first,then money second.Money in the hands of lousy thinkers is nothing,but money in the hands of smart people is gold.
How to do it:
Form a website OR forum inviting IT experts,Accountants,Lawyers.scientists across the spectrum of science( all should be Cameroonian nationalist).Then raise money by contacting interested cameroonians and small business owners in Cameroon.Then we get to work,at thesame time, we should invest in education,forming a think tank that will continue with the work years to come.I guess this will be a good start for a tough job ahead.

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