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July 06, 2008


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Wirndzerem G B.

I should be re-reading this article for a 2nd time & a year+ after; and i must say i have perceived newer lights? insights & profundities in the otabenga jones & associates project! Not only in the politics & poetics of their name housing a legal, historic and aesthetic tropology; but also in the transcendent vision it ushers fittingly into a polyvalent, transracial, and globalising world where monopolizing metanarratives are constantly shattered, repressed & interred truths ressurrected & alternatives & truths revived & multiplied!Really otabenga jones & associates is a project driven fron into a wider future!


My brother, you've just articulated, in perhaps, the most cogent manner the gist and raison d'etre of this this exciting, and i dare say, revolutionary artistic outfit! Vraiment, frere, dat critical vacuum wey e dey pays na yours to fill oh!
Anyways, i think Otabenga Jones reflects and to a certain extent personify the the complex narrative, in its totality, that is the Afro Diasporan universe.

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