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July 06, 2008


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This interview, when it takes on the desacralization of african cosmic art, reminds of the the mockery that the Nso people always make of the Bamuns whom they mock for exposing their sacred cult jujus in the royal museums for the uninitiated to see; a show that is cultural anathema in Nso: no uninitiated can see the removed paraphernalia of the Nwerong or Ngiri cult societies! These are not simply garbs and sculptures for spectacle, they are cosmic,esoteric, metaphysical energies and symbols that heal, protect or wreak malediction. And it's no fiction. But these potencies are only efficient with the corresponding sacralisation that these objects and symbols are held with: a desecration of these as mere anthropological art(ifacts)annihilates their mystic potency! Those who are Roman Catholics can easily access this reality: rituals in this church has determined hagiological potencies, turned incense, holy water etc from mere matter to healing and protective fetish...And this is not mere fiction/superstition!

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