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November 18, 2008


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Benna Sayyed

Kangsen, nice article! I really enjoyed the humor and was happy that you addressed an important issue that I feel many of our peers in Houston do not take seriously. You really articulated the guilt I feel every time I drop some dollars at Frenchys, especially at that new location on South Main near Reliant Park. I continue to be amazed at how often my fellow Houstonians eat fried chicken without serious regard for their health. This bothers me. I was raised on a vegetarian diet but began eating meat from about age 10, but not regularly until I was about 15. I love chicken, beef and seafood, but feel very fortunate to have undergone a healthy upbringing that helps me make wise dietary decisions. My girlfriend, who grew up on an unhealthy diet, has benefitted from my knowledge of good healthy eating. It is easy to talk to her about diet because she is close to me. But as you know, it can be very difficult to convince Houstonians of the need to limit their fried chicken intake. Also, I liked the way you dropped some of your own experience on us regarding the butchery of chickens. The way that you describe your personal relationship with the birds and right after admit your appetite for their flesh is classic. Concluding the piece with your scary dream, and rather comforting awakening was a nice close.

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