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February 09, 2009


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Wirndzerem G. Barfee

With matured and measured takes Ogunlesi once more impresses me with the subtle swords of generational strife that he carries in scabbards veiled the garbs of his present lines. From the lines that subvert Soyinka's autobiographical title, through Marechera's quote to innuendoes and more Soyinkian references(grey afro patrons, hours/seasons of anomy, set forth at dawn, the man died etc), we relish the cattish pawprints of his poetics that engage a criticism of the sins of a 'dawn generation' of parents that have thrown a present one into a road that only journeys into midnight:They weaned day from the lips of future generations and offered wizened teats limping from benighted udders in their place! Ogunlesi's is a deeptextured poem.

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