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May 13, 2009


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Njume Emmanuel Ekindesone

Nyamnjoh Francis is one of those versatile and prolific anglophone writers to whom literary giants such as the just died Bate Besong, often made reference to. In a dissertation submitted to the department of English of the University of Buea, in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of a Bachelor's degree in English; entitled The Cameroon Predicament and Anglophone Writers: A Study of Francis B Nyamnjoh's Mind Searching and Emmanuel Fru Doh's Wading the Tides, Emmanuel Njume projects the vocality of these writers inasmuch as the plight and predicament of the Anglophone is concerned. They however touch issues of national interest such as religious hypocrisy and leadership insensitivity that are characteristics of contemporary Cameroon experience. According to Bate Besong who in my opinion remains the most complex,complicated, contemporary and the most committed of all Anglophone Writers, it is only in thier roles as mirrors and visionaries of society that one reckons with the artistic profundity and excellence of Nyamnjoh in particular.

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