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July 15, 2009


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Wirndzerem G Barfee

This debate raised by Nganang is both unfortunate and enlightening. his critical shoot off the mark is informative of the physics thru which microcosmic ignorant arrogance of the francophone cultural intellectual reflects a same nonchalance as replicated by amplification on the macrocosmic frame of the larger hegemonistic system, a system that inculcates and internalizes refractive optics that in turn photographs our alloyed, disjointed, and atrophied experiment in reunification and unity! But then, it is enlightening because at least presents us with a mirror (innate flaws notwithstanding) : he helps reciprocate a national debate which hitherto had sounded and reverberated with the frustrating, vexing and almost dementing soliloquy of anglophones screaming and wailing infront of tall and thick apathetic walls, i mean the ears, of their francophone literary/intellectual counterparts that usually only echo back the hollow speech of silence!
That's my dime on it!

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