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September 26, 2009


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cynthia   C .I   felix

i will love to be a member,i am a poet & winner of sparrow ventures poetry competition 2009


Weldone Denja Abdullahi. Your write up is so informative, your poem is amazing.

I am a writer too and i have so much love for this magnificient city. I am packing up and leaving the white man's land to this city. A city so beautiful; it brings hope to broken hearts and spirits.

Mohammed Mamman Vatsa

Good day Denja Abdullahi.Thanks for the beautiful write-up. we (the children) are honoured.Sir,God bless you.My brothers and Sisters (Haruna,Jibrin,Fati and My lovely Aisha)send their love.

cynthia c.i. felix

hi denja ur work is great,thanks for honouring mama jiya vasta

Ford Manuel

Uncle Denja, you will never be forgotten. Your passion (which includes fine works of literary ingenuity) will live on.

E. J. Ubom

Keep for me the rear darling,For I am going
To Abuja to report Come along
To Abuja city, To sing a song
Of beauty.
Mamman J. Vatsa, Yes Abuja is a beautiful Hallowed ground, but when we as a people have no sense of "the vale that can make soul" Prometheus will be unbound one day in Nigeria. thanks. Ubom

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