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December 16, 2009


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Bernice Angoh

Very impressive work, Charles, I applaud you.

Bernice Angoh
Author of Lemonade Street and When a Woman Loves a Man.


Mac, you are so good...
the form and the content are mixed together to produce a delicious work of poetry.

Wirndzerem GB

Mac V
Deep lines! You got me at it, now that without the fiery politics we savour the profundities of very philosophical moments of the heart and mind! We need more!


i always have headaches, heartaches and a melancholic mood after reading your poems but i tell myself:"the juice was worth the squeez" thank you for excellent poetry.

Dante Besong

Man, such profound creation can only come forth from one who breathes creativity. You've got a pen! You'd go places, Keep up.

aminkeng atabong

Charles...These are good. Keep up the work and dont relent...great things await your creativity.


a true gem;raw talent.hope people see this and realize how talented you are.keep keeping up.

Nfor Edwin N.

What more can I say?

Rene Nyah

Hello Mac V...Your powerful creative handshake to the well-thought and expressive rhythm provides a marvelous reading...Keep up Bo with this poetic engagement


Man,thou knowest how to mingle lofty language and content.The sky is your beginning.


Good literature

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