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February 01, 2011


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this can't be true.there are guys who hve their literary dreams raised just by reading the imaginagtions from poeple's minds.i think u better hand this to another team if time is the problem.bt this mag needs to live on.


Viterature and KYR,
I sincerely thank you. You are palapala. Hence, it lives.

R Mokoena

One hopes this is not true!!!!
Some of us just got acquainted with this great website less than a year ago...why should a world-class site say farewell? It is unthinkable. Does this mean the world will no longer be able to savour the joys of this website? Cynics say blacks world over can never sustain great things. Let's prove them wrong!! I can't believe this...

Wirndzerem GB

Really...Kangsen! what's going on. this must be a bad trick, i thought when i read abt this as the last issue. i thought it a metaphor for some form of metamorphosis. why is the show stôpping at the 12th cycle? fans out here really need some explanation, so they may prescribe some medication(as some one pertinently suggested another team may take the baton & keep the flame). we need some explanation & cryptic mutism won't do! we have been swept by surprise. we are waiting for issue 13 & more.


Brethren, i truly appreciate and respect your feedback. As you well know, Palapala was created as a platform for artistic discourse. I think it has played its own minor role in expanding that discourse.
We have had some very gracious and talented contributors grace our pages. My gratitude to them is boundless.


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