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February 01, 2011


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Wirndzerem GB

It is timely we read interviews as good and succinct as this one. A homework welldone. The Ivorian crisis to a discerning & honest african must be a reasonably passionate affair. it sheds many lights on our betrayals, sabotages, defeats & confused autoflagellations. Now we understand the intrigues of powerful nations, their manipulation of UN, IMF, WB, AU etc to safeguard their interests: southern cameroon was denied the 3rd option thru a UN conspiracy, lumumba was assasinated with UN/US/France & belgian conspiracy, FIS was denied victory in early 90s & u know what became of algeria, Hamas election victory 2005/2006 thwarted by US & israeli colonial machine in, the more popular aristide of haiti scandalously exiled to africa by US/UN/FR in favor of the powers incompetent lackeys, democratically elected manuel zelaya of hunduras ousted & exiled with US/UN disquieting complacency & acquiescence...the lists can go on ad aeternam. yes, while they call on force to be used on Gbagbo for mere electoral disagreement, no one in the EU dares flexes his muscle with the belorussian dictator Alyaksandr Lukashenka whose election farce stinks right before their nostrils as the north korean' dictator provokes with live bombs ban ki mon & choi in their bacyards: thats where real force shld be used or shld gbagbo go for his own nuclear deterrent to raise his objection? that is if nigeria has not been fooled & cajoled with th permanent security council seat (as against a more meritorious & independent-minded south africa whom the west cant easily manipulate) to drop bombs on abidjan b4 we cry shame!

Otumoridi Iruba

No we don't understand. Mr. Ouattara was robbed of his electoral victory but we now say he has no right to the Presidency because he is part of Francafrique - no different from the US saying that Hamas in Palestine or the Muslim Broitherhood in Egypt, or the FIS in Algeria in the 1990s, cannot be allowed to win elections or must be punished for winning elections because they are "fundamentalists". Hogwash!

One can be a "pawn" of the west and still win elections. Similarly even African "nationalists" steal elections just like their Francafrique friends. We are busy chasing the shadow rather than the reality...


Otumoridi, i disagree with you. Obviously, 'we',that is you and i, are not chasing the same reality.

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