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February 01, 2011


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Geo Nalugala

I have always seen the Turkana, the Samburu and the Maasai (herders, dancers, etc) being used as 'items of touristic value.' They are cultures that 'have survived the onset of modernity and globalization, and delivered to "our generation" the purity of traditional Africa.' That, too, is dehumanizing our people. Which culture is not authentic? Is modernity not culture? I define culture from its Latin root - cultura: to cultivate to raise, to improve, to grow. Now, modernity is, I presume, improved culture... Should we be studying the white man, and where he is madly driving us to, or should we be selling juiced-up stories of black communities that found a simple, comfortable rest point along the journey of life, and refused to follow the rest of the species in its endless rambles?

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