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February 01, 2011


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Urbain Tila

Remarkable piece. Goes straight to the heart of the series

Gilbert Malefane

Magnificent introduction to the Tebogo Mystery series. I must admit that reading most of these books over the years has been an unforgetable thrill for me.

Aaron Kaleta

Creating this (Tebogo) series is one of the most remarkable literary achievements of Mr Bolaji. A feat for any black African writer

myne Whitman

Interesting! I wonder how he has been able to sustain the momentum.


I suspect that for many ladies – including myself – Tebogo Fails will remain our favourite adventure in this series. This is number three in the series and in the book Tebogo meets Khanyi, his wife to be, for the first time! It is such a tender moment and their romance is so well narrated that one could not but be hooked. I remember that I read the book 2, 3 times successively at that time – I was so moved. The action in this book is based in Botshabelo, and I also remember asking a female journalist friend that time: “Does Mr Bolaji live in Botshabelo? How come he describes the place so well, including the Sections?” As I was saying, when Tebogo meets Khanyi in the book, Tebogo Fails, it was a clear case of love at first sight and he was lucky that she was a good lady who fell for him too, and really loved him. But here one has to criticise the author – why is it that after the wonderful love and emotions in Tebogo Fails, in the later adventures, it was as if Tebogo was anxious to run away from his wife! She is always in the background in the last 3, 4 adventures, and....

Pule Lechesa

A top-notch article, despite a few minor mistakes. In our neck of the woods here, we've had a lot of pleasure reading each consecutive adventure of sleuth (Ntate) Tebogo Mokoena


Seems the lady (Rosaline) above ran out of “ink”! Writer’s block? My own opinion is that in the last few Tebogo adventures, Tebogo becomes softer and softer...but this softness is not shown to extend to his partner. As Rosaline has said, Khanyi (Tebogo’s wife) is firmly thrust into the background by the narrator, Tebogo himself. I have read elsewhere that Tebogo could not be expected to allow his wife to be involved in dangerous adventures with him – maybe the strong romance in Tebogo fails misled many into expecting more of the same later on.


Tebogo Mystery Series is of utmost interesting from the beggining till the last page of his series. I hope Mr Bolaji was so delighted to see his great work in this site and continue to be acknowledged all over the world.Is time to enjoy the sweet fruit of your hard work despite the challenges you have been through while you write the mystery series of Tebogo Mokoena.


A superb series indeed,when I reviewed one of the series Tebogo and the Haka, I received coruscating comments which clearly ushers the author already on the crest as he deserves. A number of this series is well documented on the book OMOSEYE BOLAJI -a literary appreciation to the magnifiscent contribution combined by ( yours truly ) - Hector Kunene. Awesome work Mr. Mokoena, it is only February yet Free State literature keeps us on our toes, watch the space for the rest of the year, Great works will be presented to stun nations.


The Tebogo series is about crime – murder, rapes, kidnapping, theft etc – not about Romance. Come on guys! Those who want romance books can get countless of them elsewhere


What an interesting article this is. Those of us from the eastern part of the Free State have been reading this series for years; and what a thrill for me personally when I first met Mr Bolaji in the flesh! His books are all over our libraries and it was easy falling in love with Tebogo Mokoena of the books. It was as if he was our personal friend, and we were solving the cases together, with his jokes and wit. After reading the first four we had to wait for a few years before Tebogo and the Haka came out; and my first thought after reading it then was – what a masterpiece! If it is the author’s favourite, then it is my favourite too. I remember sending Mr Bolaji an SMS telling him how much I enjoyed reading Tebogo and the Haka. And when I met him again I said to him: “I thought you were a finished, sick man? How did you write the book?” But he just smiled; claiming it was just “luck”; as if books like that can come to life due to “luck”. With seven published adventures of Tebogo out now, the author deserves a pat on the back.

Abiodun Apans

One has to commend and appreciate the brain- work that goes into creating every one of this series. To write a straihtforward book is difficult enough, but one with elements of mystery?

A Bamidele

What a pity that this series is not easily available in Nigeria. The irony of a detective series created by a Nigerian, Bolaji, much more popular outside Nigeria! Although Tebogo and the Haka does have a special Nigerian edition. Congrats to egbon Bolaji anyway


Well done Bolaji. those of us who have known you for years, who witnessed your great suffereing when you were very sick and weak, who were there for you when you were betrayed by a few you thought were your friends, we who called you 'chief' long before you became a Chief formally...we are all very proud of you!


The comment above (by Gilbert) almost brings tears to one's eyes...truly, there is nothing as inspiring as loyalty and true friendship? By the way, in this Tebogo series, Tebogo always shows loyalty too, even to criminals sometimes!


Tebogo has twisted & turned so many times, reading any of the masterpieces is a thriller, salutations to the chief he never disappoints.


I remember years ago I published an article titled "The metamorphosis of Tebogo". That was after the third book in this series came out in 2003! Tebogo himself has grown by leaps and bounds since then; and we are gratified about this

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